About me

Since december 2013 I’ve been working as a frontend developer at Kambi Sports Solutions where we develop a sports betting client used by companies like Unibet, 888, Paf etc. It is a fun and challenging job working with a big scale responsive frontend application used for multiple clients with custom skins in several different languages. This requires modular and high quality code that is easy to maintain, understand and extend.

Before I started my job at Kambi I worked as a frontend developer at Fantasy Interactive. At Fi I worked with award winning projects for companies like Google, Sony, PfizerBET, Dulux, Verizon, Sports Illustrated etc. The projects at Fi was always design oriented and as all frontend developers at Fi I always fought to bring the designs to life by using bleeding edge techniques, advanced UX and creative solutions. Many of the sites where event-driven SPI solutions and to maximize the availability and usability we made most of the sites responsive.

In addition to the client projects I’ve been involved in at Fi’s, I’ve also been involved in the development of Fi’s new blog and many of their case studies. I have also had the opportunity to learn lots of new techniques and got to experiment with new technologies such as WebGL and canvas ( and

Personally I think that coding is incredibly rewarding and creative and I am driven by the challenge of problem solving which I find coding to be.

Before my time at Fantasy Interactive I worked briefly as a developer on Noc webbyrå. There I worked daily with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, PHP, MySql, Regexp, responsive design etc. A creative and fun process where we worked with clients such as Volkswagen, Sectra, Schnoor and others.

Before that I worked as a developer and educator at the production agency Ambient media. The job involved a lot of technical and pedagogical challenges as the work included both production and teaching. As a developer at Ambient media the work was very diverse with a focus on educational solutions, installations, demo applications and games for children. Among our regular customers were Com Hem, 1177 and Unionen.

As part of the work at Ambient media, I’ve taught as a consultant at Södertörn University. I have been responsible for several courses at the college such as ”Publicering via Internet” (level A 7.5hp), ”Interaktiva Medier” (level A 7.5hp), ”Mobila tjänster och gränssnitt” (C-level 7.5hp), ”Scriptprogrammering och avancerad Flash” (level B 7.5hp) but I have also guest lectured and tutored in several other courses including eg ”Dynamiska webbplatser” (level B 7.5hp).

In addition to teaching at Södertörn University, I organized business courses at Batteri, 1177 and Trafikverket.

Before my time at Ambient media I freelanced as a web developer in parallel with my studies to become a teacher.

Professional experience of interest

Kambi Sports Solutions Programmer ( Stockholm  2013 – on going

Full time employee at Kambi Sports Solutions as a frontend developer. Hired to develop their betting client which is used by several clients in the gaming industry who all have their own custom ”skins”. The betting client is responsive and is also available in many different languages​​.

Fantasy Interactive Programmer ( Stockholm 2012 – 2013

Full time employee at Fantasy Interactive as a frontend developer. Technically, the focus was on javascript, HTML5 and CSS. Projects was built using Grunt, robol or ANT. Typically, we used coffeescript and sass to keep the project well-structured and then some suitable templating systems such as handlebars or mustache to handle the content. At Fi I worked with clients such as Google, Sony, Samsung, Pfizer, BET, Verizon, Sports Illustrated and others. I also worked with internal projects like the Fi blog, Fi experiments and Fi’s casestudies.

Noc webbyrå Programmer ( Stockholm 2012

Full time employee at Noc webbyrå as a web developer and programer (both frontend and backend). Technically, the focus was on PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, SASS, LESS and {{mustache}}, working with frameworks and content management systems like Kohana, Drupal, WordPress etc. At Noc I worked with clients such as Volkswagen, Sectra, Buzzador, Schnoor and others.

Ambient media Programmer, web developer and educator ( Stockholm 2010 – 2012

Full time employee at Ambient Media as a programmer, web developer and educator with consulting assignments at Södertörn University. At Ambient Media I worked with both small and large projects for clients such as ComHem, Unionen,, Inera, and others.

Södertörn University Lecturer Media Technology ( Stockholm 2010-2011

Halftime employee at Södertörn University as a lecturer in the Department of Communication, Media and IT teaching in the following courses: Publicering via Internet (A-nivå 7.5hp), Interaktiva medier (A-nivå 7.5hp), Mobila tjänster och gränssnitt (C-nivå 7.5hp), Scriptprogrammering och avancerad Flash (B-nivå 7.5hp), Dynamiska webbplatser (B-nivå 7.5hp). This work also included the planning and development of new courses. After a while I  went over to full time employment at Ambient media but continued teaching at the college as a consultant.

Smaller freelance projects

Lydmar hotel Web developer Stockholm 2012

During the summer of 2012 I did a major update on Lydmar Hotel’s website ( The updates were mainly to restructure the backend solution to make it easier for the staff to work with the page. The page itself is based on wordpress and a part of the work was to redo the entire site structure and introducing custom post- and media types. Updates were also made to the site’s frontend.

Vidga Web developer Stockholm 2009

During the autumn of 2009, I developed the second version of Vidgas website ( and I also did a reservation system for their events. The updates required me to rebuild the system from scratch, and thus make the move away from Flash and instead use javascript to make the page more vibrant. The project was built using CodeIgniter, Javascript, CSS and HTML.

Vidga Web developer Stockholm 2008

In 2008 I developed the first version of the festival Daflo’s reservation system in flash. The work included developing a system where the visitor could assemble his own workshop schedule for the festival, automatic schedule planning and grouping, and ticketing. I developed a minor backend where the festival staff could go in and handle reservations, see schedules as well as the individual client group schedules day by day. The staff could through the system also confirm payment and send tickets to their visitors.

The first version of the project was based on AS3, PHP and javascript.

Stint Web developer Stockholm 2008

Developed site This page was made in Flash and XML with a tailor made CMS to manage the content. The CMS was programmed in AS3, PHP and XML.

Technical expertise


  • HTML5 (semantic encoding, and the APIs that come with HTML5)
  • CSS (CSS3 och CSS2)
  • Less, Sass and Scss
  • Javascript and Coffeescript (jQuery, Backbone, Underscore, Modernizr, Greensock etc)
  • Techniques like Responsiv Design, AJAX, SPI, REST, MVC etc.
  • Templating languages like {{mustache}}, handlebars, ERB, etc.
  • Gulp, Grunt, Robol and ANT
  • Git and SVN
  • PHP, Kohana, Codeigniter and MySql
  • WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
  • Regular expressions
  • Ruby on Rails, Python and Django


  • AS2 and AS3
  • Dynamic animation and timeline animations in flash
  • Greensock Tweening platform, Alternativa3D
  • Accessibility in Flash i AS2 och AS3
  • Box2D Flash(AS3)

Web in general

  • Webbstandards and best practises
  • Accessibility on the web
  • Mobile web development and responsive design

Other technical skills

From my work as a support technician at Telia, I have gained a lot of knowledge related to digital television, adsl, wireless networks, IP telephony and networks. I am also used to build computers, install and manage a variety of operating systems and managing various hardware.


The teacher education program with intercultural profile at Södertörns University – Main subjects: History and Religion (270hp), 2005-2010. – Södertörn University, Flemmingsberg

My thesis ”’Om man inte vet hur ett gammalt spöke ser ut, hur ska man då kunna känna igen gengångaren när man möter den?’ ‐ en undersökning av hur dagens läromedel för gymnasiet handskas med Sveriges rasistiska och fördomsfulla förflutna” won the award for best thesis of the semester, fall 2009.

Other education

Modellering av relationsdatabaser (Modeling of Relational Databases) KTH 7,5hp, ht 2009 — Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Scriptprogrammering och avancerad Flash (Script Programming and Advanced Flash) 7,5hp, vt 2009 — Södertörns University, Flemmingsberg


English – fluent in speech and writing
Norwegian – full understanding of both written and spoken
Danish – understanding of both written and spoken

Driver’s license (B)


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